Thursday, December 05, 2019

Heroes of the Faith

(Links to all available episodes will appear at the bottom of this post)

These talks give the stories of some of the most influential "heroes of the faith" in the Christian tradition. I'll be posting them in roughly chronological order (beginning next week with the Maccabees, from the 16os BC), but some of these sermons were recorded earlier than others, and the quality may vary somewhat between them. Each week I'll post a set of notes and quotes that accompanies a downloadable podcast of that particular talk: please note that the audio content (that is, the sermon podcast) is really the best and most helpful part of the resource. While the accompanying notes will be valuable in some small way, you'll get the most information and enjoyment out of these posts by listening to the audio, either right on your computer or downloaded to an MP3 player or smartphone. Should you want a PDF handout-style copy of the notes, I can provide those if you contact me via social media or the email contact listed at