Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Matt's sermons now available online

You'll notice that there's a new link in the top lefthand corner of my blog--"Podcasts of Matt's Sermons." By clicking this link, you'll be brought to the website of the Second Baptist Church, where you'll see a list of recent sermons available for download. Most sermons are in .mp3 format, so they can be downloaded and played on most computer media players, as well as on any IPod or MP3 player. The Sunday morning services throughout this year have focused on a study of the Gospel of Luke, and the evening services have followed a study of some of the "Heroes of the Faith" from Christian tradition. We began with two early martyrs of the second century, Ignatius and Polycarp, and are now up to the High Middle Ages. These studies also include a set of notes in a handout, which you'll also find available for dowload in .pdf format. Enjoy!