A volume of my poetry (including some of the poems below) is now available as a paperback and Kindle e-book. Click the image below to be taken to its Amazon page.

Rhymed and Metered Poems

'Twas the Night Before Christmas (Real St. Nicholas Version)
The Blackbird and the Praying Saint 
Author of Unending Time 
The Church of the East (Part 1Part 2Part 3
The Blessing of My Wife
Great God of Ancient Wonders
Waters of Thy Love 
A Frank Admission of My Ignorance 
Sweet Lord of Fiercest Mercy 
Ode to a Brave New World 
The Ancient Way 
The Colobos Tree 
The Leopard 
A Lament (for the First-Year Greek Student) 
The Steward's Lament - a poem connected to my Hidden Kings Trilogy
A Better Shore
On Days of Discontentment 
Five Haikus on the Pew Research Poll 
Love's Constancy (Haikus on the Ordered Life) 

Free Verse Poems

Thus Ends the World (Verse Play) 
Come to the Table 
A Prayer for My Children 
Let Us Attend 
The Future Awaits
The Altarpiece 
God Grant Me Greater Discipline
Come and See  (poem appears at the bottom of the post)
Learning to Fly 
A Theologian's Prayer 
A Song of Love 
Reflections on an Autumn Walk 
The Seven Baptist Sacraments
Waiting for the Rain 
Resting Place 
From Grace Unto Grace
Walking the Bridge 
Confessions of a Middling Poet 
A Time Traveler from the Past 
Behold the Cross 
The Fates' Lieutenant (Moby Dick) - (poem appears at the bottom of the post)
Learning to Speak Again