Sermon Podcasts - Matt's latest sermons from his ministry at Second Baptist Church

Heroes of the Faith - a series of lectures and notes about major figures in the history of Christianity

Apologetics - a series of sermons and notes dealing with scientific, theological, historical, and biblical questions about the veracity and trustworthiness of the Christian faith

Historical Theology - a series of lectures and notes about major theological movements and doctrinal debates in the history of Christianity

Royal Priesthood - a series of audio Bible studies, the precursor to Matt's upcoming book, Who We Were Meant to Be: Rediscovering Our Calling as God's Royal Priesthood

Ornitheology - a collection of blog posts on birding and faith

Classic Prayers - a broad selection of prayers from across the Christian tradition, as posted every week

Quotes - quotations collected from sources both ancient and modern, reflecting on culture, faith, and the Christian life

Wellspring - a classic Christian liturgical service, available in PDF form and free to use and adapt, compiled for use in evangelical Protestant churches as a gateway to historic Christian worship

Maundy Thursday Passover Service
- a simplified Christian version of a Passover seder, presented for use on Maundy Thursday of Holy Week

Bible Study Resources: