Friday, January 17, 2020

Hymn of the Week: We Delight in Our Maker

This week's offering was an experiment, and the results are, while interesting and fun, not the most user-friendly of hymn lyrics. I tried to set words to the famously beautiful run of notes that serve as the transitions in Bach's wonderful "Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring," and it came out well enough, at least if you don't mind run-on sentences and don't require any space to breathe while you sing. I've written a little bridge to fit in the notes that are traditionally used for verse-lyrics in the middle of the song; but if one wanted, one could choose instead to insert portions of the traditional hymn-lyrics here (Jesus, joy of our desiring, / holy wisdom, love most bright; / drawn by thee, our souls aspiring / soar to uncreated light).

We Delight in Our Maker

We delight in our Maker, Redeemer, and Savior,
And we offer all of our praises to our King,
Who ransomed us, called us his daughters and sons
And bestowed all his favor upon us,
Who by grace are lavished with love
And with unmeasured peace in his care.

     Lord, be glorified in us,
     As we seek to do your will.

Lord, we thank you, we love you, we praise you
For all that you've done in our hearts and our lives
And for saving, redeeming us, blessing and keeping us
By the great mercies that you have poured out
Through your Son Jesus Christ,
Who is Lord over all, now enthroned in our hearts.

     Lord, be glorified in us,
     As we seek to do your will.

May the glory, the honor, the praise of the ages
Be always and evermore rising before you
As we worship, bowing and praising your name
While we join with the angels and saints
In their chorus of unending joy
Pouring forth from the courts of our King.