Friday, January 31, 2020

Hymn of the Week: As I Rise Today

Within the hymnographic tradition, there's a set of old songs that were written not for congregational use, but for personal, devotional hymn-singing. One such type was the "rising hymn," a song that one would sing during morning devotions, to thank the Lord for his safe-keeping through the night and commit to him the day to come. This new hymn falls within that old tradition, and I've deliberately written it with a rather antiquated word choice for that reason. I've written it to the tune of "Break Thou the Bread of Life."

As I Rise Today

Lord, as I rise today, I offer praise
Unto the God who watches all my ways:
Giving me restful sleep beneath His care,
As shepherds in their arms their lambs will bear.

Lord, Thou hast carried me to this new day;
As Thou hast done before and will always,
Preserve me by Thy pow'r, grant me Thy peace,
That I may go where'er Thou callest me.

Lord, as I rise today, let my heart be
Lifted in wonder and in praise to Thee!
On this day's pilgrimage, I consecrate
Each of my steps to follow all Thy ways.

Be glorified in this, my morning psalm,
As Thou art glorified in each new dawn.
With all creation I offer my praise,
Before Thy throne, Thou Ancient of all Days!