Sunday, October 02, 2016


Announcing the forthcoming release of my pilgrimage memoir, Wings over the Wall! Keep an eye out for more updates: within a few days, pre-orders should be available from North Wind Publishing. When the book is out, it will also be available on Amazon and other major retailers. Above you can see a promotional image of the cover.

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Below is a list of all my fiction works currently available. The links below each title will bring you to webpages where they are available for purchase. If you're not looking for novels, but for another of my published works, click on the following links: The Second Baptist Church of Calais, Maine: 175 Years of Grace and Growth (history), The Evangeliad (poetry), or Thus Ends the World (poetry).

I also have two nonfiction works set to be published this year, Wings over the Wall (a devotional memoir) and Who We Were Meant to Be (practical theology).

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The Hidden Kings Trilogy - a fantasy/adventure trilogy based on Christian motifs (see below for individual volumes) - click here for a set of authorial reflections on the themes and meanings of the series.

"Just finished reading The Hidden Kings Trilogy, and LOVED it! Great writing, great mix of adventure, action, mystery, and even romance! However, the thing I loved most about the series is how the three books work together to paint an unexpected and beautiful picture of the Gospel that left me in awe and thankfulness to God for the amazing gift of grace that was given to us in Jesus. I highly recommend his this series to everyone!" 
          - Josh Robertson, senior pastor of Bethel Baptist Church (Brookings, SD)

- Book 1: Freedom Cry - the story of an enslaved people and their long march to freedom

Freedom Cry is now available in a second edition at

"Freedom Cry has the makings of a classic with its rich characters, well-placed suspense, both human glory and human depravity, and sobering moments for personal reflection. Burden has created a world that is both shocking and hopeful. I was sad to finish the last page and look forward to his next book, "The Conqueror's Song" to see where the adventure turns next in this superb epic. If you like Tolkien, you'll appreciate Matt Burden's work. If you like Richard Adams' work, you'll like the robust characters in Freedom Cry."
          - Matt Proctor, pastor of Cornerstone Church (Marion, IA) 

- Book 2: The Conqueror's Song - set as a prequel to Book 1, this is the story of a legendary warrior and his quest to save the world from a hostile invasion

  The Conqueror's Song is now available in a second edition at

"Well written and enjoyable to read. Matt Burden needs to write more!"
          - Ron Libby, pastor of Trenton Baptist Church (Trenton, ME)

- Book 3: Pathways of Mercy - this book returns to the characters of Book 1, as they grapple with the resurgence of the enemies from Book 2 in their own day

Pathways of Mercy is now available in a second edition at

 "The last book of the Hidden Kings trilogy brought things to a fitting end! Up until the last pages of the book the author continues to surprise you as things happen that you didn't see coming. The trilogy offers a great mix of adventure, action, and romance. I was also blown away by how at the end of the book you are left with a beautiful picture of the Gospel message that warmed my heart again to the grace and mercy that is found in the Gospel."

          - Josh Robertson, pastor of Bethel Baptist Church (Brookings, SD) 


Whispers of Adventure: A New Pilgrim's Progress for Today's Christian - an allegory of the Christian life, told in the form of an adventure story

Whispers of Adventure may be purchased in paperback form from Amazon, or as a Kindle e-book.

"John Bunyan is alive and well in the 21st century! [This is] a gripping novel, that both young adult readers and adult readers will relish."

          - Jeff Haanen, founder of the Denver Institute for Faith & Work, and a regular contributor to Christianity Today


Prester John and the Brigand King - an unpublished historical fiction novel, about one man's journey to faith in Christ during the time of the Roman Empire. It features appearances by numerous characters from early church history, including the Apostle John and Polycarp of Smyrna. The draft version is sometimes made available to read online in serialized form, but at present is being withheld for possible publication.


The Quest for the KingThis short unpublished novel, written mostly in 2018, originated with a set of bedtime stories that I made up to tell my children. At the end of my storytelling, my oldest son asked me to write it down in book form. It tells about three children who embark on a quest to find and restore the rightful king to the throneIt is available to read in full online by clicking this link.


To see information on Tactus, Soldiers of the King, or one of Matt's other fiction works from his teenage years, follow this link: Juvenilia (Novels from Matt's Teenage Years)