Wednesday, October 05, 2016

The Secret of Being Content

Thus said the great Apostle,
     Many years ago:
"I've learned the secret of being content
     In any situation,
          Whether poverty or plenty."
I, too, have been content in plenty,
     In seasons of sweet friendship,
          Of tea and books and restful sleep.
And I've been content in poverty,
     With dirt floors and cockroaches
          And just three pairs of clothes.
So why is it so hard to be content
     In the gray expanse between,
          Neither poverty nor plenty?--
Where comforts and blessings are multiplied,
     But mixed with weariness, stress,
          And unsought disconsolations--
I've more of poverty and more of plenty
     Than I've ever had before,
          But in all this much-ness, all this less-ness,
The Apostle's secret--
     Abiding joy, deep-running peace--
          Secretive still remains.