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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

The Journey

Coming up later this week is the tenth anniversary of the day my wife and I were married. So I thought I'd post the very first song I wrote for her. The lyrics are mine, but the tune is that of Michael Card's song "The Things We Leave Behind." It was written for Valentine's Day 2005, after we had been dating for about one month.

The Journey

Verse 1:
There she stands and smiles at me
And my heart soars with joy once again
How can it be that this wanderer’s steps
Have led him to love in the end?
And who would’ve thought that as one journey ends
We discover with joy that another begins,
Oh, this glorious adventure, this gift from above:
It’s the journey of growing in love

Verse 2:
A smile and a laugh and a tender embrace
And I’m falling in love every day
With this precious, amazing, this beautiful girl,
Who walks by my side on the way
And with every new breath that I breathe of this air,
I’m finding the hope that she’ll always be there,
On this glorious adventure, this gift from above:
The journey of growing in love

What a wonderful mystery
That brings us together at last
Like two voyaging ships that have met in the night
And haven’t just sailed on past
So let’s lift up our voices in praise
To our God, the First and the Last,
For this glorious adventure, this gift from above,
The journey of growing in love

Verse 3:
So hear my words now, as I sing to you,
And know that you’ve captured my heart
You’re a treasure indeed, and I’m thrilled to just learn
To love you for all that you are
So for all of the days we walk down the same road
I’ll be singing for joy that we don’t walk alone
On this glorious adventure, this gift from above:
The journey of growing in love

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