Wednesday, July 06, 2016

Even This

The dry pools are bathed in joy,
And the painful void has been filled up.
Where once sin mocked me,
Now I find the strength to sing again,
      And such a song
            As the world has never heard.
In the middle of my rebellion,
In the middle of my pain,
There he came to me one more time,
And there I saw his face.
When I thought all hope was lost,
It was then he smiled on me,
      That breathless, beautiful smile,
            Calling me away to adventure.
And with riven hands he called me in,
And the words he spoke that day
Have beckoned my stony heart
      To beat again.

“Even this,” he told me,
“Even this I have covered.
I’ve known all your sins
Since before your days began,
And through them all I’ve loved you,
And ever shall I love.
You are mine, my child,
And you are mine, my friend,
And even in this I embrace you.
Walk with me in the power of my love,
And you will find a joy and wonder
Far beyond these cheap delights
Which you so vainly hold.
Oh, yes, I’ve seen them all,
And I have mourned with you
      Because of them.
You need not hide from me.
Now come—rise, and follow me.
My blood has covered it all—
Even this.”