Wednesday, January 03, 2018

Christmas Poems for My Kids

As Christmas comes this year once more,
And you, my son, are nearly eight—
It’s you and all the gifts of God
That we delight to celebrate.

I love to watch you pace about,
Lost in whirling storms of thought,
Thoughts so full and so intense
That they reduce the world to naught.

And these towers of adventure
That you build up in your mind
Bring joy to those who love to see
The sweet wonder that you find

In stories, puzzles, and in plans,
In endless creativity;
You, captivated by your thoughts,
Are worlds of richest joy for me.

We’ve watched your passion grow this year,
In stride with your intelligence,
As you’ve sought math, and birds, and cards,
And shared the sweet delight of friends.

I love that when you find a field
To sink your love and labor in,
You make that thing a part of you
And pour your whole self out therein.

Keep the fullness of your wonder
And your single-focused love,
And you will be, as you are now,
A heart-bound friend of God above.

We love you, Siah, and we love
To see you growing strong and true:
The full unveiling of the grace
And splendor that God gave to you.


Sam, you marvelous little man!
Oh, how we do delight in you—
Excitement, love, and helpfulness:
Our days are brighter thanks to you.

It’s been a joy to see you thrive
Here at home and off at school;
It boggles me that I’ve a son
Who’s so unfathomably cool.

You share delight in siblings’ joys
And win your schoolmates’ friendship fond
With backrubs, laughter, and the grace
That revels in affection’s bond.

You’ve shown us keen intelligence
In quiet ways, unheralded;
You read and write so well now, Sam,
Our hopes you’ve all transcended.

You delight in little things,
In babies and in guinea pigs;
And we delight in you, my son,
And in the joy that gives you wings.

We love the love-notes that you strew
Throughout the corners of our days;
And we love you, Sam, oh so much,
In all your lively, lovely ways.

So Merry Christmas to my Sam!
You light our house much brighter still
With love and laughter, simple joy,
Than all the Christmas lights could fill.


Sweet Lyddie-Loo, this Christmas day
Finds you now close to being four,
And if unmeasured love can grow,
Then we love you still ever more.

Your happy beauty charms my heart,
Like daisies on a summer’s day;
Your smile, your laugh are priceless joys
That always win your Daddy’s gaze.

We’ve loved to watch the tender care
You lavish on your baby-dolls:
It shows a grace that will serve well
In any field to which God calls.

You’ve been a faithful friend this year
To those who share your house each day,
Taking joy in those who need
The blessing of a place to play.

You’ve been so brave in starting school,
And so dear in what you’re feeling, too:
Telling us your nervous qualms,
But pressing on, as brave girls do.

So Merry Christmas, little jewel!
You are a wonder to behold,
And we can’t wait to know you more,
When you, my love, are four years old.