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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Come to the Table

Here's a poem I wrote back in 2005, as a reading for a communion service:

Come to the Table

Come to the table, Beloved;
Come and see what our God
      Has done for us.

We, who thought we were wise,
Condemned him as a fool.
And we, who thought we were strong,
Condemned him for being weak.
And we, who thought we were holy,
Condemned him as a sinner.

This is he who spoke wisdom into darkness
Before the fledgling universe was bathed in light,
Who wrapped himself in the words of prophets
      And of saints;
And now his wisdom has forever borne
      The foolishness of us all.

This is he who breathed life into unliving clay
And by his power called the world into being,
Who shook the earth with his footsteps
      And opened the sea with his breath;
And now his strength has forever borne
      The weakness of us all.

This is he who dwells in unapproachable splendor,
Whose radiance lights the courts of heaven,
This great and mighty Judge before whom
      All of creation will bow;
And now his holiness has forever borne
      The transgression of us all.

Remember these things, Beloved:
Though we lacked wisdom,
      He has taught us his truth;
And though we were weak,
      He has given us his strength;
And though we were sinful,
      He has made us holy.

The Ancient of Days
      Has made his dwelling among men,
            And we have seen his glory.

Come to the table, Beloved;
Come and see what our God
            Has done for us.

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