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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Sweet Lord of Fiercest Mercy

Sweet Lord of fiercest mercy,
Thou Endless and Sublime,
Grant me the calm assurance
Of grace amid the climb

Upward on the mountains high
That lead me to Thy throne;
The mountains of humility
Where I must tread alone.

I battle in arenas fierce
Wherein I fight myself,
And seldom win this struggle in
Subduing sin with death.

But, oh, Thy love, it shelters me
Against the rage of sin,
And, oh, Thy grace, it sees me through
Till I find peace within.

I stand beneath the rampant flag
Of my victorious King,
And know that he has won the field
Where now my battles ring.

I cannot lose, for he has won,
His vic’try shall be mine;
For he has died to make me live,
Today, and for all time.

The mountain that I dare to tread
Can never cast me down,
For it belongs to One who died,
Ascended, and was crowned.

Lord, help me as I fight this war,
And help me as I climb;
I’m Thine today, tomorrow too,
And ever after: Thine.

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