Friday, June 19, 2020

Hymn of the Week: We Will Follow the Way

This week's song has the rare distinction of having me both as lyricist and composer (and, unlike my previous forays into musical composition, this one might not be all that bad). The verses are metered according to standard hymn settings (, but the chorus is a bit more modern-worship in its style. It was inspired by the original name for Christianity, as found in the book of Acts: "the Way." I hope you like it!

We Will Follow the Way

Our Lord has taught us how to walk
According to his way;
To live as children of the light,
In holiness and grace.

     (So/Yes) We will follow the Way!
     We will follow the Way he gave us;
     We will follow the Way of our Savior forever!

We are the servants of the King;
We love to do his will;
To follow where he beckons us,
And all his words fulfill.


Though all the earth would turn our hearts,
To lead our steps astray,
We'll never cease to walk along
Our Savior's narrow way.


When trials rise to threaten us,
When storms around us blow,
We'll stand in strength in Jesus' name,
And never lose our hope.


When worlds crumble to the dust
Upon the final day,
We'll not regret we lived to walk
Along our Master's way.