Friday, March 13, 2020

Hymn of the Week: Eternal Praise

In the early church tradition, they conceived of their worship services as being directly joined with the eternal worship that forever goes on around the throne of God. I've always loved this notion, so I wrote a Trinitarian hymn of praise based on the idea: the verses refer, respectively, to the worship offered by the angels in heaven, by the church triumphant in heaven (all those who have passed on to their rest in Christ), by Christians here on earth, and then by all of us together. The tune is that of the old hymn "We'll Work Till Jesus Comes." (There's an echo part in the chorus that I wasn't able to sing for my solo recording, so I indicated its place with piano chords.)

Eternal Praise

From endless days, eternal praise
Pours forth from heaven's courts;
From cherubim and seraphim
Comes this exultant roar:

     All praise (all praise) to God the Father,
     All praise (all praise) to Christ the Son,
     All praise (all praise) unto the Spirit,
     The blessed Three-in-One!

The church triumphant, gathered there,
Before the Father's throne,
Resound the anthem of their praise
From their eternal home:


And we, the church at work below,
Together lift our hearts,
And in our praise, we all cry out,
"Our God, how great you are!"


Together in eternity
And here upon the earth,
We all proclaim our Maker's praise
For all his mighty works.