Friday, February 14, 2020

Hymn of the Week: I Lift My Heart to God Alone

One of the major sub-genres of Protestant hymnography is the hymn of conversion or repentance. I didn't really have one in my corpus that fit that category, so I wrote one this week. It's to the tune of the old English song "O Waly Waly," often used as an alternate tune for "When I Survey the Wondrous Cross."

I Lift My Heart to God Alone

I lift my heart to God alone:
No idol shall receive my praise.
To the true faith I'm coming home,
There to abide all of my days.

Long have I wandered in the night,
Pursuing sin to ease my pain;
But now I'm turning to the light,
And finding peace in Jesus' name.

Lord, I repent! I bow my heart
In sorrow deep for all I've done;
And you your grace to me impart,
All through the merit of your Son.

His righteousness has clothed my soul
In beauty of his holy love;
By Jesus' blood I am made whole,
All praises be to God above!

Now let the voice of his redeemed
Rise up before him evermore;
May every word and every deed
Proclaim the glory of the Lord!