Friday, February 28, 2020

Hymn of the Week: Everlasting Peace

This week's hymn is a simple celebration of the blessings of salvation. I wrote it to the tune of the old hymn "Only Trust Him." 

Everlasting Peace

Our God, through Jesus, demonstrates a love that's without end;
That while we were his enemies, he called us as his friends!

     Praise the Savior! by his mercy he has set us free;
     All through Jesus, we inherit everlasting peace!

As sinners we were left without a hope beyond the grave,
Imprisoned, we had need of him whose grace alone can save.


Through Jesus we, who knew no peace, receive the peace of God,
Bestowed by merit of the great atonement Christ has wrought.


Now life and peace and endless joy are poured out from on high,
And we who love our Lord below will meet him in the sky!