Saturday, May 27, 2017

Saturday Synaxis

O Educator, be gracious to thy children: O Educator, Father, Guide of Israel, Son and Father, both one Lord. Give to us, who follow thy command, to fulfill the likeness of thy image, and to see, according to our strength, the God who is both a good God and a Judge who is not harsh. Do thou thyself bestow all things on us who dwell in thy peace, who have been placed in thy city, who sail the sea of sin unruffled, that we may be made tranquil and supported by the Holy Spirit, the unutterable Wisdom, by night and day, unto the perfect day, to sing eternal thanksgiving to the one only Father and Son, Son and Father, Educator and Teacher with the Holy Spirit. All things are for the One, in whom are all things, through whom, being the One, are all things, through whom eternity is, of whom all men are members, to whom is glory, whose are all things in their goodness; all things in their beauty; all things in their wisdom; all things in their justice. To him be glory now and forever. Amen.

- Clement of Alexandria