Sunday, May 05, 2019

New Editions of the Hidden Kings Trilogy

I'm happy to announce that my three fantasy novels, which comprise the Hidden Kings Trilogy, are now available for purchase again. My old publisher, OakTara Fiction, ended their print run last year, so I've been plugging away at the work of a light edit for each volume so that I could re-issue them on These new editions are my own work entirely (so several editorial decisions from the previous release have been removed), the map for Book 1 has been upgraded, and appendices and bonus content added at the end of each volume. I'm also very pleased that they're all a good deal more affordable than their previous editions were (you can buy the whole set for $30, which before would have barely gotten you Book 1). Kindle E-book versions are also available at a very reasonable price. I'm hoping to make it as widely accessible as possible, so feel free to check it out yourselves if you haven't already, and to recommend it to others if you like. (Leaving reviews on each book's Amazon page really helps in this regard.) Below are the links to take you to each book's page. And if you'd like to read some authorial insight into the themes I dealt with in the trilogy, you can click here.