Friday, May 10, 2019

Hymn of the Week: I Give My All to Jesus

I grew up in a town that was settled by Swedes in the late 1800s, and we worked hard to preserve and practice elements of our Swedish heritage. One of those traditions was a celebration of St. Lucia's day in December (Lucia, though Italian herself, had long been a beloved figure in Sweden), and on that day the eighth graders of our school would dress up as the saintly lady and her attendants, and a singer would perform the lovely Italian folk song "Santa Lucia." I've used the tune of that old folk song, familiar from my childhood, to write this week's new hymn.

I Give My All to Jesus

Jesus gave everything
For our salvation;
Calling the ransomed out
From every nation.

     All of my deepest thanks,
     All of my highest praise,
     All of my worship
     I give to Jesus.

Jesus calls out to us
To come and follow,
Entrusting to his care
All our tomorrows.

     All of my life and wealth,
     All of my strength and health,
     All of the days I live
     I give to Jesus.

Jesus has taught us truth,
Truth that has freed us,
So we give all we are
Over to Jesus.

     All of my intellect,
     All my accomplishments,
     All of my talents
     I give to Jesus.

Jesus took up the cross
For our atonement,
So we embrace the cross
In every moment.

     All of my fondest hopes,
     All of my dearest dreams,
     All my ambitions,
     I give to Jesus.

     (Repeat Chorus #1)