Friday, March 15, 2019

Hymn of the Week: Sing to the Lord (Psalm 96)

This hymn is a rendering of Psalm 96, and I've set it to the old American folk tune "Be Kind to the Loved Ones at Home" - a really lovely melody, but largely forgotten today. You can find sheet music for it here.

Sing to the Lord (Psalm 96)

Oh, lift up your voices and sing to the Lord;
Let earth sing aloud to our God!
Declare His salvation all in one accord,
And bless the Lord's name with your song!
Among all the nations His glory proclaim,
Make known all His marvelous works!
Of praise He is worthy, for great is His name,
Yes, unending awe He deserves!

Our God made the heavens; all splendor is His,
His majesty fills up the earth!
His strength and His glory, in fullness of bliss,
Attest to His marvelous worth!
Ascribe to your Maker, all peoples and lands,
Ascribe to Him glory and strength!
Yes, raise up your voices and lift up your hands;
His glorious reign never ends!

With praises and off'rings draw near to the Lord;
Come into His courts and bow down.
Oh, lift up your worship in deed and in word
Where His holy splendors abound!
Before Him earth trembles; He reigns over all;
Creation He set in its place.
One day He is coming, with justice for all,
The Judge and the Ancient of Days!

Let heaven be joyful, let earth celebrate;
The ocean resounds with His praise!
The fields extol Him; the trees bless His name,
And songs of delight they will raise!
Creation will welcome the Lord when He comes,
The Judge who sets everything right!
Oh, joy to the nations, for righteousness dawns
When God's endless faithfulness shines!