Friday, March 22, 2019

Hymn of the Week: O God, the Giver of Good Things

My hymn for this week is a table grace. Sung table graces are rarely in use anymore, but I happened to marry into a family that still knows many such hymns and enjoys using them before a meal. It's a tradition we're passing on to our own kids. Several of these graces are sung to the very familiar tune "Old Hundredth" (the Doxology), so that's the tune I've used here. I have three verses to mine, which is about the maximum for a table grace (you can't make people wait too long for their food!), and it would be fine to use just one or two verses if preferred.

O God, the Giver of Good Things

O God, the giver of good things,
To You our thanks and praise we bring:
We magnify You for Your love,
For gifts of grace, here and above.

Let us who now Your grace receive
Pour out that grace to those in need;
And if some hungry soul is near,
Bring them to feast with us in here!

We share this bounty of Your love
For Christ has shared all things with us;
Make us the vessels of his peace
Until we join his heav'nly feast.