Wednesday, April 04, 2018

Even As We Are Fully Known

Be at peace, dear friend.
This road may be long, and hard,
And filled with unanswered expectations,
But the One who understands
Guards every step we take,
Catches every tear we let fall
On this treacherous journey
That leads us, at last, to hope.

Be at peace, dear friend.
Though understanding may come slowly
For many of us in this Body,
It is the love we share
That can reach beyond understanding
And, even in the midst of heartbreak,
Make all of us, together,
What we were truly meant to be.

Be at peace, dear friend.
And know that while so often
We hurt each other without intending
Such grievous, terrible harm,
There are many more times
When our strengths, our gifts,
Bear each other up in unseen ways,
Ways that too often go without
The grateful appreciation they are due.

Be at peace, dear friend.
And know that while we labor
So vainly at understanding one another,
There is coming a day of endless hope,
When all things will forever be made right,
When the Shepherd-King will take us in His arms
And breathe life into our weary hearts,
When we will know fully,
Even as we are fully known,
And all manner of things will,
At last, be well.