Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Blessed Beyond Measure (Song for My Friends)

(To the tune of the Brobdingnagian Bards' song “The Bridge”)

When I walked down the road
That brought me here to this place
I was walking alone
Chasing after God’s grace
And in the years now behind us
In the stories we’ve told
I found that true friendship
Is worth more than gold

Chorus I:
I’ve been blessed beyond measure
In the riches of grace
By the friends who uphold me
As I run this race
And though I’m so weak
And in loving so poor
Still they shine forth the love
Of the God I adore

Though I’ve tripped and I’ve stumbled
And made mistakes all around
Though I’ve hurt my dear friends
And in pride fallen down
They’ve been there to catch me
And to raise me again
And to show me the power
Of the love of a friend


They’ve been there beside me
They’ve been honest and true
Steadfast and forgiving
In all we’ve gone through
And they’ve taught me again
What the love of Christ means
As they smile and they talk
To a quiet man like me

Chorus II:
Lord, bless them forever
In the riches of grace
And uphold them with power
As they run this race
Would you grant them your joy
And your unending peace
As they press on to find you
In pursuing their dreams

May they ever be bold
And may they ever be true
May their hearts never tire
Of loving you
May you lead them in truth
And fill them with power
May they ever find you, Lord
Our refuge and tower

Chorus II, Chorus I