Wednesday, April 11, 2018


An old woman falls to the street
      and gasps,
      clutching with arthritic hands to the gnarled cane—
      her one possession.
She cries out faintly, raising a trembling arm
      upward, beseeching God for some merciful passerby
      to raise her up once more.
But no one stopped, no one looked
      at the old beggar as she died
      in the filth of the gutter.
The world kept spinning round and round,
      and men in clean business suits made their way
      to and from work, hurrying back and forth
      in a daily pursuit toward nowhere.
No one slowed their pace for a moment
      to stop and wonder who that old woman was,
      that decrepit creature of the streets.
And in that one eternal second, all of Heaven stopped,

      and God began to weep.