Friday, December 18, 2015

Publishing Update: My New Novel is Almost Here

Well, it's almost here, but the print copies probably won't be available for Christmas gifts (unless, in a flight of whimsy, you decide to follow the Eastern Orthodox Old Calendar this year, in which case you won't celebrate Christmas until January 7). Kindle e-book copies, however, could be available as early as the beginning of next week, and in this age of digital wonders, it just so happens that you can give Kindle e-books to other people as gifts. The ethereal powers that be will, upon your purchase, see to it that the manifold lines of binary code that make up the electronic DNA of my book get promptly delivered to your loved one's favorite computing device. So if you're the sort of person who enjoys watching someone open a present from you to find nothing consisting of physical matter inside, then this is the gift option for you. If, on the other hand, you prefer to honor the Incarnation and reject the Gnostic anti-materiality of our age by choosing to hold the work of an author's mind in a paper-and-ink substantiation, then you can wait a few more days for the paperback version.

As you can tell, I'm not a very good marketer for my books. I can't seem to write about my novels or the publishing process without lacing the promo blurbs with facetious, intellectually overwrought jokes. If you want to read the tongue-in-cheek promo I posted last week about this new book, you can find it here. But the truth is, I'm pretty excited about this one. Given my publishing career so far, I don't have great expectations in terms of sales, but I do think that this could be a book that might speak powerfully to a lot of people about their personal journeys in following Christ. Though I love my Hidden Kings Trilogy dearly, this little allegory might be my favorite work so far. The project began as a whimsical spiritual autobiography, so it carries a bit more of my heart with it than my previous books. Not everyone is quite like me, of course, so I can't guarantee that every reader will find it compelling, but I've had some very positive responses from my initial draft-readers. 

I'll post a few more updates within the next week regarding its availability for ordering.