Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Christmas Poems for My Kids: Poem #1

Every year at Christmas, I write poems for each one of my kids, reflecting back on the year they've had and celebrating who they are right now. It's sort of a literary snapshot that we can look back on to remember this season in their lives, a picture that will record for us many of the things that photographs can't. As they grow older, I hope that these poems will take on special significance for each of the kids, but for now, they're still just strings of words that Dad jumbles together and makes them listen to on Christmas morning--which means that at this point in their lives, they don't really care if I post them for public consumption. So, as my Wednesday "poesy post" for each of the next three weeks, I'll be offering one of these poems, and first up is the poem I wrote for my eldest son.

Christmas Poem 2015

This Christmas you’ll be nearly six,
With all the fervor, all the joy,
All the fierceness and the charm
That six years brings a growing boy.

We love you, son, just as before—
Simply for being who you are:
Intelligence and pure delight,
Intense in mind, intense in heart.

I pray you keep your fierce desire
Even as we teach you peace;
Peace and passion are both required
Along the journey to be free.

Yes, each new season of your life
Gives more to cherish, more to love,
More to learn of who you are
And render thanks to God above.

You keep on filling up our house
With endless marvels of your pen—
Games and books and galleries,
And still more books, then games again.

But in this season, there are times
We might seem angry or annoyed;
I write this now so that you’ll know
That what we feel most is joy.

I know it might not seem that way,
On days when nothing turns out right:
But we truly love you, little man;
To watch you grow is our delight.

This year we’re thankful that you’re brave,
As new adventures swept you up:
You started kindergarten and
You rode with big kids on the bus.

You’re brave in doctors’ offices,
Through many tests upon your ear;
Your courage helps remind us both
That perfect love drives out all fear.

Of all the things you hear in life,
Make sure you hear this message now:
That you are loved, and that you make
Both of your parents very proud.