Friday, November 15, 2019

Hymn of the Week: Praise, Honor, and Thanksgiving

While this new hymn fits the seasonal Thanksgiving theme, it's really written more as a general hymn of praise. The accompanying tune is Ira Sankey's music for "Faith is the Victory."

Praise, Honor, and Thanksgiving

Our God is great, above all things,
He reigns o'er earth and sky,
Creation's good and sovereign King:
His name we glorify.
With power over everything,
And mercy's boundless store,
His love we cannot cease to sing,
Nor fail to adore!

     Glory to God our King,
     Ruler of everything,
     Praise, honor, and thanksgiving
     Be His forevermore!

The mighty acts God did for us
Are more than can be told;
We praise Him for His works of love,
Accomplished from of old.
In grace He sent His Son to us
To heal and restore;
And Jesus has delivered us:
Our Master and our Lord!


We stand redeemed by Jesus' blood,
Poured out on Calvary,
And by the new life He has wrought
By sealing death's defeat.
All honor we ascribe to Him,
Our Savior, Friend, and Lord:
Our God, to whom all praise we give,
Our Quest and our Reward!


Let everything with breath sing out
Their thanks and praise to God;
Let mountains bow, let oceans shout,
Let forests shake in awe
Before the One who reigns as King
O'er all things, high and low,
And let His church thanksgivings bring
Before His glorious throne!