Friday, February 22, 2019

Hymn of the Week - Hosanna to the King of Kings

This hymn, like last week's, is also written to an old traditional Irish tune: in this case, the famous "Minstrel Boy." I've paired it with the story of Jesus' triumphal entry into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday. The first verse serves as an introduction; the middle three declare Jesus' offices of prophet, priest, and king, and the final verse looks forward to the great, triumphal return of Christ in glory. I haven't included sheet music for this hymn, because I couldn't find a public-domain arrangement that fit the minor alterations I had made; but it would be simple enough to find sheet music for the tune online if you're so inclined.

Hosanna to the King of Kings

Come, gather 'round the crowded road,
And acclaim our Savior's glory!
We, with the multitude, will roar
As Jesus ends his journey.

     Hosanna to the King of kings, 
     All hail him who salvation brings!
     Oh, blessed is the king who comes
     In the name of the Lord, the Holy One!

"Who is this man?" the city cries,
"Riding out like this to Zion?"
"Jesus, the prophet," we reply,
"Proclaiming God's salvation!"


Not prophet only, but a priest,
Jesus comes to work atonement:
His sacrifice will bring us peace;
His death is his enthronement!


True king is he, of David's line,
Come extol his royal power!
Messiah comes to reign on high;
Sin and death he triumphs over!


One day in glory he will ride
With the hosts of heav'n behind him;
We will shout as he cleaves the sky;
Every knee will bow before him!