Wednesday, November 04, 2015

A Prayer for My Children

For my children, Lord, I intercede,
And begin with words of thanks:

You have entrusted to my care

Three such radiant masterpieces

That I stand astonished at Your grace.

The lines and forms of their young lives

Are work of the Master’s hand alone;

But You have seen fit to give to me,

And to my wife, and to themselves,

The painstaking work of creation-love:

To bring out the color and the zeal

That lies behind Your artistry.

Let me be, O Lord, a faithful student

Of your thrice-holy Fatherhood,

Of love that waters and brings forth

Fragrant fields of Virtue’s bloom.

Let not my stubborn self-absorption,

Nor the limits of my patience,

Nor the weariness of long-worked days

Ever make them doubt my love for them,

And Your love through mine.

Lord, give my children courage

To bless their broken world,

To become deep wells of character

In an age that oft prefers

The flashy to sublime.

May they hold the ancient way

In reverence and with grace,

Unbowed to idols of this world,

The dazzled, licentious freedom

Of the rampant, untamed self.

But when sin does engulf them, Lord,

May they rise above the flood,

Up-borne on the abiding strength

Of Your unconquered clemency.

May their trespass be, at end of day,

A step on the journey that makes them whole

And brings more glory unto Thee.

When pain invades their lives

And suffering o’erwhelms,

May they find a bright-lit way

In the darkened vale of Your cross,

Which drank down every drop of pain

And shattered the cup of suffering

Against the adamantine wall

Of all-surpassing grace.

Make of my children, O Master,

All that You made them to be,

And may they find within Your love

The place appointed for their lives:

The setting for their radiance,

Through all eternity.