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I've decided to remove my Sunday posts from the weekly cycle. Although I hope they've been of benefit to some of you, they are necessarily secondary to my regular work of sermon preparation each week. I've found that having that extra post to write simply added to the burden of my work. For those readers who would still like access to my weekly work in Scriptural exposition, I would ask them to access the podcasts of my sermons (available through a link in the sidebar), since that remains the primary form of my Bible teaching each week.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Walking the Bridge

God, grant me calm reflection
          In the midst of all my busyness.
A string of tasks stretches out before me
Like a long and narrow bridge
          Over turbulent waters
                    Which I must dare to cross.
Shrouded in fog lies the other side;
          I cannot see where it will end,
                   Nor even if it will.
Give me strength to cross this bridge,
          One step at a time,
And in the crossing not to let
          The wind above or waves below,
          Nor the length of my progress,
                   Steal my eyes from Thee.
May my steps not falter into old weaknesses,
          Nor be stopped by stark adversity.
But carry me gently, faithfully,
          In the patient practice
                    Of diligent obedience.
In all my tasks, Lord, great and small,
          Make Thyself great in me.

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