Wednesday, July 22, 2015


Today is the ninth anniversary of the day I wedded my love. So in celebration of that, I'm going to share a set of lyrics I once composed for her. The tune is that of Michael Card's song "Sunrise of Your Smile."


When I was young, my heart would dream
Of worlds that no one else could see.

And in those lands of heroes bold,

My characters their stories told.

Adventures wild beyond belief

Where braver hearts won victories.

And when my journey beckoned me

I wondered what my tale would be.


If I could write down this life’s dreams,

Compose a scene of fantasy,

The masterpiece of all I’ve hoped would be—

To wrap in words a mystery,

My heart’s great longing to be free,

If I could write down this life’s dreams,

That masterpiece would tell of you and me.

In all the tales my heart would spin,

The hero found his heroine,

A trav’ler who would walk along

And lift her voice to join his song,

O’er all the weary roads they walked,

In all the story’s pages talked,

Till the journey left them at the end,

To share a smile and start again.


I’m standing here beneath the sky;

I watch the bright stars spring to life;

I think of you; I see your face,

And thank God for this gift of grace:

That this wanderer at last should be,

Caught up in the embrace of peace.

And of all the heroines I dreamed,

None could match this glorious scene.