Saturday, April 26, 2008

A Theologian's Prayer

Great Father, Holy God,
As we seek You,
May we ever find.
You who leave no wandering sheep,
Be now the staff that guides us.
So poor in all we seem to know,
Our only wealth is knowing You.
May we know You richly,
You who lead us into truth.
Be Thou the polestar of our quest,
O Endless and Sublime.
We, the ragged remnant of the Fall—
Seekers of eternal truth—
How we yearn for You!
And so we thirst for knowledge,
So we thirst for truth,
Hoping it will lead to You.
For what we know,
May we know it all in You,
You who are the Truth.
Make us humble in our knowledge,
Faithful in our quest,
And grant what only You can grant.
Where we lack wisdom,
Be its fount for us.
Where we are short in truth,
Guide us to its heart.
Where we are rank with pride,
Teach us true humility.
And for all the questions that we ask,
May they ever lead us home…
Into truth—
Into You—
And endlessly, to grace.