Friday, September 27, 2019

Hymn of the Week: Walk with Me

One of the traditional biblical genres of praise is the "song of ascents" (Psalms 120-134): that is, a walking-song, or, more precisely, a pilgrimage-song, which worshipers would sing as they made the journey up to Jerusalem to visit the Temple of God. The hymn below is my own attempt at a pilgrimage-song, set to a tune that fits a cheery walking gait: the charming (but rather too repetitive in its original lyrics) "Cleansing Wave" of Phoebe Palmer.

Walk with Me

I walk this day in pilgrimage
Within the Father's grace:
A journey from these vales of sin
To wonder and to praise.

     Lord, take my hand and walk with me,
     My Guide and fellow Trav'ler be;
     Oh, let Your mighty mercy lead,
     And on this journey, walk with me.

My faithful Shepherd watches me
Upon life's winding trail;
His rod and staff, they comfort me;
His love shall never fail!


As Christ and his disciples walked
The roads of Galilee,
May I too listen and be taught
As Christ walks forth with me.


Amid the triumph of my King
I follow where He goes;
Yes, further up and further in,
To new creation's hope!


One day in glory I will see
The Lord who walks with me,
And we'll forever journey forth
Beside the crystal sea!