Friday, August 23, 2019

Hymn of the Week: Our God Is Lord of All

My new hymn this week is set to an adapted version of the old Robert Lowry tune to the hymn "Something for Thee." (Most of the tune remains the same, but I've composed a different final line.) The chorus that I've written comes from the song of the angels before the throne of God in Rev. 7:12. The verses introduce this paean of worship with reflections on each member of the Trinity.

Our God Is Lord of All

Our God is Lord of all,
Over all things sovereign.
In Him is love and grace,
Joy without end!

     Praise, glory, and honor,
     And wisdom, strength, and pow'r
     Be to our God forever
     Amen, Amen!

Christ is our Savior,
Master and friend.
By his death and new life,
We may enter in.


The Spirit is our guide,
Always, ever present,
Giving us pow'r to love
And to repent.