Friday, June 14, 2019

Song of the Week: Come Follow Me!

The song I've written for this week can't really be called a "hymn" like so many of my others, because I'm not sure it would work with congregational singing, but I think it would be a fun one to perform in a church setting. It's based on the tune of the old Scottish folk song "Two Recruiting Sergeants" (and I'm especially indebted to Great Big Sea's rendition). I've kept some of the  "recruiting" elements and transformed it into a song about Christ's call for us to follow him in the adventure of abundant life.

Come Follow Me

Christ came walking down one day to the Sea of Galilee
And spoke to Peter, Andrew, and the sons of Zebedee:
"Fishermen you are, so come fishing souls with me--
Give up your small ambitions, and come follow me!"

     "And I'll lead you to glory and I'll lead you to peace;
      You'll see the Kingdom come in pow'r, the sinners be set free;
      And you'll receive the riches of God's grace eternally;
      Abundant life is calling, so come follow me!
      Abundant life is calling, so come follow me!"

Christ speaks out to every age and tells the sinner's heart
To surrender their sorrows and make a brand new start;
For through our Savior's sacrifice, grace meets you where you are:
"Give up your sins and failings, and come follow me!"


Though you may be walking through the darkness of night,
And though your life may feel like a struggle and a fight--
Hear the Savior calling in the dawning of the light:
"Give up your hurts and heartaches, and come follow me!"


Too long you've been a prisoner of your sadness and your shame,
Too long your sins have bound you down in hopelessness and pain;
There's freedom in the Savior, so call upon his name.
"Give up your chains, you captives, and come follow me!"

     (Chorus x2)