Thursday, January 31, 2019

Hymn of the Week: Grace Alone

Here's my latest hymn, written to express the truths in the five classic "solas" derived from the tradition of the Protestant Reformation: sola gratia (salvation is by grace alone), sola fidei (through faith alone), solus Christus (only through Christ), soli Deo gloria (all for the glory of God alone), sola Scriptura (as revealed authoritatively in Scripture alone). As you'll see, the verses of the hymn correspond to these movements, and the refrain attempts to sum up all five in its anthem of praise. The hymn is written in Double meter, so there are a number of tunes it might fit (including the setting to John Newton's famous hymn, "Glorious Things of Thee Are Spoken"), but here I've chosen to set it to the American traditional tune "Holy Manna."

Grace Alone

What can gain our souls salvation,
Sinners sentenced to the grave?
Only grace, not works nor labors;
God alone, by grace can save! 

     Grace alone has saved and freed us,
     All through faith in Christ our Lord!
     Glory be to God our Father,
     Who has taught us by his Word!

Can we earn this grace from heaven
By the things we do or say?
Faith alone, through Christ our Savior;
Grace flows out with only faith!


Let your faith cling to our Savior;
Trust and follow all his ways;
He is faithful; by his merit
We receive the grace that saves!


God's salvation pours out mercy,
Hope and joy and peace for all!
Let these blessings fill the anthem
Of God's glory over all!


Praise be to our gracious Father;
Praise be to his faithful Son!
Praise the Spirit, who through Scripture
Tells us what our God has done!