Friday, December 14, 2018

A New Christmas Hymn: The Simplicity Carol

Here's a new Christmas carol I wrote for this Advent season, focusing on the simplicity of Christ's birth, the simplicity of answering his call of salvation, and the simple stillness and peace that he offers us. It's written to the tune "Repton," which is most famous as the British tune of the old hymn "Dear Lord and Father of Mankind." You can hear my hymn sung (fittingly, in a rather poor and humble voice) by clicking on the Soundcloud player below the lyrics.

The Simplicity Carol

Be still, O bustling earth, and wait
Beneath the starry sky;
Take rest from all your restless haste
And listen for the angels' praise:
Your King is born tonight! (x2)

That starry night in Bethlehem,
The world, it looked away
From weary travelers seeking rest,
And so the One that Heaven sent
Was laid upon the hay. (x2)

In simple, homeless poverty
Creation's King was born:
Not in a palace opulent,
A refugee, an immigrant,
God takes on human form! (x2)

This Christ, who came in humble peace
While others looked away,
He still is searching longingly
For willing hearts who will receive
The offer of his grace. (x2)

You need not wealth nor fame nor works
To have this King come in;
Just rest your weary spirit in
The Savior born in Bethlehem;
Be still and welcome him! (x2)