Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Valentine's Day Poem

* These are the lyrics for a song I wrote for this Valentine's Day. Obviously, it has a main audience of one person alone--my beloved wife--but I hope you enjoy it too, if you give it a read. It can be sung to the tune of Ellis Paul's song "Abiola."

Valentine’s Day 2018

Today is Valentine’s Day, but I don’t need a special day
To say the things I always mean whenever I look your way.

I delight in all you are, my love—my lady and my bride;
You’re the one that I rejoice to have standing by my side.

I love the way your smile speaks more to me than words,
And your laughter at the joys we share is the best thing that I’ve heard.

I love to see my lady reflected in our girl and boys,
And I see you clear when I see in them their brightness, kindness, joy.

You know your feelings in a flash, and you wear them on your sleeve;
In highs and lows, where e’er we go, you share your heart with me.

Now I, by contrast, don’t know how to express what’s inside of me,
But still you love this muddled mass of unspoken mysteries.

But there’s one thing that I know I feel, and I feel it in a flash,
When I ask my heart how it feels of you—oh, a feeling unsurpassed!

You’re the comfort that I run to at the end of a weary day;
You’re the solace that I lean on when the world’s not going my way.

You’re the best thing in my life, love—you and our kiddos three;
And it’s your love that shines right through the beauty of our family.