Sunday, February 11, 2007


In lieu of actually writing anything new this week, I thought I'd post a vintage psalm, written five years ago, when I first beginning to explore devotional poetry. It was written to reflect the style and sentiment of the biblical psalms. Hope you enjoy it.

The grace of the Lord is bountiful;
And His mercy without end.
All creation resounds His praise,
From the depths of the sea
o the heights of heaven.

Lord, You have kept Your servant close to Your heart;
I rejoice in all Your disciplines,
And Your Word is a comfort to my soul.
My flesh cries out against me,
My sins accuse me to my face,
But I will not surrender, for I know
our salvation will never fail me.
My heart is abandoned to the Lord,
My spirit marked with a holy seal.
My life and my sustenance flow
rom the throne of my Master
The Holy One of Israel.
Though I suffer and I die,
ever shall I give up hoping in the Lord my God,
or His strong arm has worked salvation for me.

Hallelujah to our Lord,
he creator and sustainer of all things!
His power is beyond measure,
nd His love covers the children of His covenant.
Though my strength may fail
nd my spirit quail with fear,
I will cling to the hope I have in Him,
For He is gracious and understanding,
bounding in love forevermore.

Woe to the man who despises His disciplines,
ho regards His commands with scorn!
He will receive payment in full for all that he has done,
etribution for his wayward path.
He lives with his soul already in the grave,
or he has rejected the only Life of all.

But blessed is the man who chooses the way of the Lord,
Who cherishes His commands and decrees.
His feet are guided by God's endless light,
nd from that path the Lord will not let him stray.

Praise be to the Lord our God,
ho formed the wonders of the earth!
He has made His tabernacle among the sons of men;
The light of glory fills His Temple.
Praise to the Lord,
hose mercies never fail!
Praise to the Lord,
Who has redeemed the hearts of men!
Praise to the Lord,
For He is great beyond compare!
His wisdom and majesty fill the heavens;
he earth is consumed in the power of His might.
At the voice of El Shaddai the mountains tremble,
hey crumble and fall apart at the sound of His trumpet.

May the Lord be highly exalted;
May my lips never cease to sing His praise.
Oh, to shout aloud in the courts of the Lord,
o proclaim His greatness throughout all ages!
Ascribe to the Lord honor and majesty;
May His name be glorified forever.