Friday, October 16, 2020

An Exciting Announcement

In lieu of my Africa memoir this week, I thought I'd give you a quick update on some exciting developments in my writing ministry. We all dealt with our pandemic anxieties in different ways during the shutdown; I tried to alleviate the pressure with the unadvisable practice of creating multiple book proposals and sending them all out to publishers at the same time. Well, my chickens have come home to roost--in recent weeks, I've received contract offers for two different books! (And now I just have to find the time to complete my work on them, on top of everything else I'm doing.)

The first one will be a reworked version of a project that I initially presented here on this blog. My pilgrimage book, Wings over the Wall, is going to be released by North Wind Publishing, based right here in Maine. It's a part-devotional, part-memoir account of my trip to Israel (with a fair bit of birding thrown in), which invites readers to join me on a reflective journey through the life of Jesus. 

The second one is still in the works, and I don't feel comfortable sharing too much until all the details are in place, but I'm very excited about it. It will be a theology book, my first work to be accepted by a major, internationally-recognized academic publisher, and it will expand on some of the material that I've been working through during my "royal priesthood" series of midweek Bible studies.

I don't yet know the timetables for when these books will be available (for the second one it will likely be more than a year away, and perhaps two). But I'll keep you all updated. Thanks for reading along!

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