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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Short Poem from My Novels

This is one of three poems that appeared as the introductions to my Hidden Kings Trilogy, representing inspired prophecies about the characters and events in the salvation-history of my fictional world.

The Conqueror's Song

Words I speak,
Words of truth,
Words of wonder for the world.
Watch the northern forests now,
As dark turns into day.
The world spins,
And falls against itself…
And from the darkness comes a light,
From the darkness comes a light,
The Conqueror will come.
Now he rides to the ancient isle,
Bold of heart and true;
Now he breaks the dark one’s power,
And rises from the gloom.
Hearken now, my lordly friends,
And watch until he comes—
The blade is yours,
To become his,
And then, to be the world’s.

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