Note to My Readers: Due to the busyness of my summer schedule, in which I'm serving as a camp pastor on top of my normal duties, I'll be putting my ongoing Thursday and Friday series on hold until mid-August. All other days will continue to feature new content as usual, and the Thursday and Friday slots will offer devotional and theological reflections (heretofore unpublished) from my seminary years.

Monday, March 20, 2017

Quote of the Week

"A devout man is one thing, a stickler is quite another. To be furious in religion is to be irreligiously religious. It is better to be of no church than to be bitter for any... [So] try to find a church with at least as much love as zeal. Where you discover such a society, there you will find the Church of God."

- William Penn, from Some Fruits of Solitude

(Painting: "Muhu Church," by Paul Raud, 1898) 

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