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Wednesday, January 04, 2017

Christmas Poems for My Kids (#1)

Every Christmas, I write poems for my kids, and this year I'll share portions of those poems here, to invite you into the celebration of what God is doing in these young lives. This first poem is for my oldest son, whose birthday falls near Christmas.


Hooray for seven years of life,
For seven years of loving you!
My son, you are a joy to us;
This Christmas we delight in you.

We love the way you love the world,
With all its countries, all its states,
All its capitals, all its flags,
All its cultures, all its ways.

This world is great in every part
Because it’s made by God’s own hand;
But you, my son, were made like Him:
More grand than all the world is grand.

Just like you love to learn about
The lands that lie both near and far;
Just so, we love to learn of you,
And the wonder of who you are.

This year we’ve seen you grow so far—
You are helpful and sincere;
You love your brother, sister, pets;
You fill our days and hours with cheer.

And you’ll grow stronger, wiser yet,
As we are graced to walk with you,
To see you join the legacy
Of being good, and kind, and true.

So here’s to maps and flags and games,
And here’s to reams of paper used!
We’ve loved the pictures, puzzles, cards,
And all the ways that you’ve been you!

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