Note to My Readers: Due to the busyness of my summer schedule, in which I'm serving as a camp pastor on top of my normal duties, I'll be putting my ongoing Thursday and Friday series on hold until mid-August. All other days will continue to feature new content as usual, and the Thursday and Friday slots will offer devotional and theological reflections (heretofore unpublished) from my seminary years.

Monday, June 06, 2016

Quote of the Week

"The church is love, expectation, and joy. It is heaven on earth; it is the joy of recovered childhood, that free, unconditioned and disinterested joy which alone is capable of transforming the world."

- Alexander Schmemann, 20th-century Eastern Orthodox theologian, from his book The Sacrament of the World

(Painting: "Interior of the Cathedral of Christ Our Savior in Moscow," by Fyodor Klages, 1883) 

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