Wednesday, May 17, 2023

The Evangeliad (27:43-44)

Section 27:43-44 (corresponding to Luke 13:13-14)

He reached out and placed his hand on her back,
And then the synagogue audience gasped,
For her back, it straightened under his touch;
After years of pain she could fully stand up.

She lifted her arms, tears ran down her face,
And she filled the room with marvelous praise.
She thanked God for healing, for Jesus' touch,
For the joy of standing with arms lifted up.

But the synagogue leader, furious, cried,
"This man the Sabbath-day law has defied!--
That he dares to do his healings today,
When all should have set their labors away!"

The aggrieved leader then turned to address
The woman who stood there, and all the rest:
"There are six other days for work to be done,
So get healed on those days, not on this one!"