Wednesday, June 15, 2022

The Evangeliad (25:18-26)

Section 25:18-26 (corresponding to Mark 9:43-50Matt. 18:8-9)

And so I say, as I've told you before,
Beware of sin crouching at your door--
If your hand or foot would lead you to sin,
Better to chop them off than to give in!

Or if your eye to sin would lead you,
Pluck it out, lest sin deceive you!
It's better to enter the kingdom maimed
Than to burn in fire for sin and its shame.

The worm does not die in Gehenna's flame,
Its fire unquenched by night and by day.
And all will be salted, salted with fire,
Like a sacrifice salted on the altar-pyre.

Since sin comes, and all be salted with fire,
Not just in your members, but in your desire,
Have salt within yourselves, and purify,
By peace with each other, your sacrifice."