Wednesday, January 05, 2022

The Evangeliad (23:26-30)

Section 23:26-30 (corresponding to Mark 8:22-26)

Their boat arrived at Bethsaida's shore,
And crowds came to meet them, as often before.
One group of people led forth a blind man,
To seek out a healing from Jesus' hand.

Then gently Christ took the blind man's hand,
And led him away, by himself to stand,
Far from the prying eyes of the town
And the curious crowds who had pressed around.

When upon the man's eyes Jesus had spit,
While placing hands on him, Christ asked him this:
"Can you see anything?" And the man replied,
While looking about and squinting his eyes:

"I see what seem to be men, I believe,
Walking around, looking rather like trees."
Then upon his eyes Christ laid both his hands,
And with his touch, Jesus healed the man.

The man looked around; his sight was restored!
Now he saw clearer than ever before.
The teacher had healed him, granted him sight,
And then by his touch was made to see right.

And Jesus, who'd led him away from the crowd,
Instructed him not to return to the town;
To his home his journey of healing would go,
And not to the crowds on Bethsaida's road.