Wednesday, July 21, 2021

The Evangeliad (21:35-42)

Section 21:35-42 (corresponding to John 4:31-38)

Meanwhile Jesus was back at the well
With all his disciples gathered to tell
About their trip to buy food in the town.
"Eat something, Master, from that which we found."
"Oh, I have food you don't know," Jesus said.
"Can it be that he's already been fed,"
Whispered the others, "by someone who came
While we were down in the market today?"
"To do my Father's will is my food;
To accomplish His work, my highest good. 
Don't you say, 'Four months, then comes the harvest'?
Lift up your eyes; behold all these marvels!--
The fields are white! The harvest has come!
The reaper who goes and gets his work done
Receives his wages and gathers up fruit,
Yes, fruit for eternal life, I tell you!
Thus may the sower and reaper rejoice,
Sharing together the ripe harvest's joy.
There is truth in the word spoken of old:
'One sows and one reaps,' for thus it was told;
So I sent you, to harvest the yield
Which others have sown out into the field.
It is their labor you enter into;
So go forth and reap up eternity's fruit!"