Wednesday, June 02, 2021

The Evangeliad (21:17-23)

Section 21:17-23 (corresponding to John 4:13-19)

"All who drink," Jesus said, "of this well's water
Will run thirsty again, O Jacob's daughter.
But whoever drinks the water I give,
Thirsty no more, they will go on to live.
My water will be unto them a spring,
And eternal life is what it will bring!"
"Give me this water," she answered him then,
"So that I may never be thirsty again!
And if I could have some water like that,
To this well I'd never have to come back!"
Jesus smiled at this and nodded his head.
"Go bring your husband to me," Jesus said.
Suddenly startled, she paused and looked down.
"I have no husband," she said with a frown.
"You're right," Jesus said, "for you have had five,
And he's no husband with whom you abide.
Yes," he continued, "you have told me the truth."
The woman, surprised, didn't know what to do.
"Sir," she said, her voice trembling with awe,
"I can see you are a prophet of God."

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